25 june - another protester murdere by basij - EXTREMELY GRAPHIC 3rdmurder 46-Guy-shot-in-his-belly-by-police 5 basiji vs 1 man Aftermath-Basij_and_Riot_police_attack_on_parking_of_residential_building_part1 Aftermath-Basij_and_Riot_police_attack_on_parking_of_residential_building_part2 anotherkilled Azadi sq 24 june wounded protestrs (graphic) Baharestan 24 june baseej arrest Basij shooting at people from a roof basij-destroying-houses basij_attack basiji basej besiji motorcyclists face protesters Burning Bus Clash between police and protesters daneshjoye_shahide_Esfahan_khordad_88.flvAT Girl shot in Teheran Gunshooting in front of police HQ in TEheran Hamleye_Basijiha_Be_Mojtamae_Sobhan injured protester injureds_in_a_protest_in_iran injuredstudentdies Iran - girl shot by baseji - 20 jun iran_protestors_attacked Iranian police beating women Iranian protesters burning police station iranian_shot_by_police killed_by_police LiveLeak-dot-com-4314ba manbeaten Mob assaults police and security forces in Teheran murdered by sniper rifle murdered girl murderedbypolice parapolice People flee from police motorbikes police at shiroodi compound Police beating a man Police beating women Police brutality -- attacking a fleeing person police chasing protesters 24 June Tehran Police fail in arresting protestor police hit everyone on sight - vanak square Police in Tehran police kill protester police runs away Police smashing windows of small businesses police_attack_protestors Police_attacks_Tehran_univ_students police_fire_on_students Police_open_fire_on_crowd policeclash Policeman saved by the crowd ppl injuried by police pplshot Protester shot in the arm 20 june protester shot in the head protesters assault police protesters_burn_police_car Protestor shot by Basij Protestor_killed_by_Police Riot 06132009 Riot police attack motorcycles riotcops riots-_police_shoothing_on_crowd Shots Fired at the Iranian Demonstrators Silent_Demonstration_June_17_Tehran streetbattle Teheran Burning tehran_uni_students_attacked tehransilentdemo The infamous police of Teheran (motorgangs) video-a video video1Video jQuery by VideoLightBox.com v2.1